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A brand new old style arcade shooter for your Classic Amiga. Get ready for the Summer Blockbuster of 2021!


In the far future of 2010, many years after World Word 3, flying cars and wristwatch TVs are commonplace and the human race has abolished its armies, now living a peaceful existence.

But one day a UFO descends from the skies. Its cargo, an alien race of machines seeking a new world after their own was destroyed by a supernova. The defenceless humans are powerless against the warmongering machines and promptly surrender to their mechanical overlords and their diabolical leader, The Animator.

All hope is lost until one day a strange misshapen figure walks out of the nuclear wastelands. A genetic cocktail of lifeforms, it is half man, half baked bean. It is known as... Bean.

  • 6 Frantic Levels
  • 6 Big Boss Fights
  • 12 Weapons
  • 2 Player Simultaneous Action
  • 32 Colours
  • 8 Bit SFX and Music.
  • Movie style Intro and Outro
  • Lightgun or Mouse Controls
  • OCS / ECS or AGA Amiga
    • This game will also run under emulation on Windows, Linux or Mac using FS-UAE or WINUAE and official Amiga ROMS.
  • Kickstart 2.04 and above (Tested on 2.04 and 3.1)
  • 1 MB Chip Ram Amiga. A stock A500+ will do!
    • Recommended 1.5MB overall to use extra drives
  • Floppy Bootable (5 Disks) or 4.5MB of HD space
  • Mouse or Lightgun
    • Sega Light Phaser 3050 with Amiga adapter and CRT has been used in testing.
    • A Modern light gun controller under emulation, such as the Sinden. (Will be properly tested when our order comes in)

Paul Heams
Programming, Music and Production

Dominic Sidoli 
Graphics, Design and Animation

(C) Copyright 1994 / 2020/21
Long Live the Amiga! :)

Release date Jul 16, 2021
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Authors17BitRetro, dsidoli
GenreAction, Shooter
Tags16-bit, Amiga, Arcade, Multiplayer, Pixel Art, Post-apocalyptic, Retro, Sci-fi
Average sessionA few minutes
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Bean_Versus_The_AnimatorV1.01.zip 6 MB

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Hey Paul! Please contact me!    spotup on gmail. I need to ask you about sid4amiga =)

Can I play this on my A500 mini?

The A500 mini doesn't support ADF files yet unfortunately, so not currently.. at least not easily.... I will look into a solution though as I have one.

Much appreciated, thank you!


Just bought the game. Very impressed. The gameplay lives up to the visuals. It's more enjoyable than T2 the arcade game, released for the amiga back in 1993. I hope the feedback and sales you get from this will encourage you to release more games for the amiga. Fantastic work!   

Really appreciate the comment steveri85, and I'm glad you are liking the game. We are quite blown away by the response we've had. Thank you!

The game is very fun. Looking forward to find a lightgun to use with it. That must be crazy fun :D I have a lot of CRTs so that is not a problem. Thanks.

Thanks nikosidis, great to hear! I use a Sega Light Phaser 3050 with an adapter and an old TV. Amiga Addict recently did an article on how to make the adapter (issue 2, page 44). Would be great to hear how you get on! :)

Downloaded and installed from ADF version 1.1 now works wonderfully from Hard Disk, even better than the floppy counterpart that occasionally glitched.

The game is installed on WB 3.9 Amiga1200 + VampireV2!

Hey , I'm on Mission 6 now , something I don't understand why the Continue not works when you coming to a new level ? ??? or when you have write the Code to start on the Mission again ???? I have played some levels without it but I really need it now on Mission 6 Hard as Hell  , and something I don't like is When you get a weapon you lose it when the Ammo is out , better all weapons in the game filled with Ammo when you collect it ?

Continue problem. any way good work with the game. but very hard game.

Mission 5 was hell to.

The continues will carry through the game and are also stored with the level codes. So if you have no credits left when you get the code the restart will have no credits either.

It can be a bit hard! One strategy is to try and gain some extra credits through extra points, especially early on in the game, and to build up your ammo levels.  Level 4 and 5 are good for picking up extra guns and ammo because of the bonuses on those levels, useful for level 6.

Ok but lose weapon when the Ammo is gone is very unfair for a game , also when you start on Mission 6 the shootgun is not there.

All weapon don't show when you collect them  like Rocketz , and two other.

One Continue should always be there for a new Mission when the game is so hard.

I don't know if I will Continue this game , when it is like this. Some other say to it is very hard game , I don't say a game should be eay to play.

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The weapons and ammo are also stored in the level codes. Think of the code like a save game. If you loose your shotgun then you won't start with it! Weapon and ammo management is part of the gameplay. Perhaps go back a few codes to an earlier level to replay and try to gain/conserve some extra weapons and ammo (or start a new game from the title screen).

I have an Amiga1200 with Vampire1200, 128mb ram. The game as said from floppy starts and works normally, from Workbench no, not even by deactivating the card.

Hi AmyMor, we've released an update which I think will help. Hopefully you'll be able to reinstall to HD and run now.

Awesome, thanks for returning to Amigaaaaaa :)

Thanks! We always have time for the Amigaaaaa! 🙂

First of all, congratulations on the game, I find it really well done, full of that somewhat experimental AMIGA magic. How did you manage to come out so quietly without announcements and news? I point out below the problems I encountered: The game installed on HD does not start, I use a 3.9. Same result if I tried to start directly from the ADF file, I click on the icon and everything crashes. So I decided to put everything (5 files ADF) on real floppy disks and boot, in this way the game starts and works.

Hi! Thanks for your comments! We wrote it originally back in 1994 and finished it off this year, so hopefully it's retained some of the Amiga magic from back then! I'm glad it's all working from disk. I'll try it on a 3.9 machine this weekend from HD and issue a patch as necessary. Please can you let me know your RAM config and if you have an accelerator. Many thanks!

Looks so good and Cool , Must Buy , Thanx for make Amiga Games.

Thanks Per-Ola, it's been a lot of fun making it!


Thanks IndieRetroNews for your support and coverage! 🤗

You are most welcome! Good luck on the launch today!

Really cool guys. Way to go!

Thanks v much! @speccynostalgia

I can't wait to buy! Thank you!

That's really appreciated! Hope you enjoy playing it as much as we've enjoyed making it. @speccynostalgia

loving this, can't wait to try it out for myself!

Not long to wait now - we're days away from completion we hope! @speccynostalgia